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Need a lot of Java Exercises for homework!

Sam Lanza
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Anybody know where I can get a whole lot of Java exercises? I feel that's the biggest part missing from my studying: The hands-on experience. There's a lot of books out there, but there's not enough hands-on exercises... the books tend to scrimp. I'd like to hit the following areas heavily with exercises:

GENERICS: passing methods with/without Generics.. Creating custom Generics

REGEX: searching with Pattern/Matcher, Searching with Scanner, Using Scanner for tokenizing, Using String.split() for tokenizing

THREADS: use with synchronization, use with wait/notify/notifyALL

CALENDAR EXERCISES: Use of Calendar, Date, DateFormat, and Locales in useful situations.

INNER CLASSES: Just general exercise practice with static nested classes and inner classes.

OBJECT ORIENTED: General OO type exercises putting inheritance to work along with how static methods play its part here.

JAVA/JAVAC: Exercises in compiling and running classes from various different directories with different packages, etc.

COLLECTIONS: Exercises in the usage of various types of collections and arrays and which would be most useful for what.

ARRAY and COLLECTIONS SORT/SEARCH: This is a major weak area of mine. I'd like to tackle exercises in how to use binarySearch, Comparable, Comparators for both Array and Collection.

MAPS: Also, a very weak area of mine. Need practice using maps with key/value pairings. Also, I need practice with overriding equals and hashcode.

There's probably more that will come to me, but these are off the top of my head. I've been having a hard time finding a book or website with nothing but exercises with clues/answers. Help would be appreciated!
marc weber
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Java Mac Safari
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Please don't cross-post. This topic is probably best continued in under the duplicate in the beginner's forum.
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