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Laid Off
I am looking for advice. I have less than a yr of experience, and that mostly vb, asp and such. Only about 2 mos of Java. I would like to go back to Java and so wondering if I should put the time in for the cert, and then look, or just see what I can get. I am in Denver so the market here is fair compared to other places. Oh and I was laid off yesterday so now I am footloose! Even thought about sitting in a class again if that would really help me focus on the cert and find more contacts. Or if anyone knows anything about projects being done for not for profit companies I would gladly volunteer to get more java exp.
Do you have a CS or similar degree? From people I know in real life as well as what I read, the market is nearly dead for new hiring, especially for "junior" level.
Good luck though, life sucks sometimes.
Hi Jeff :
I was in a similar situation like you until last week. I am also in a junior level position and i was laid off 2 weeks back. But then luckily for me ,my previous client took me back on a new contract (but not sure how long it will last). So be positive, as life always springs up pleasant surprises and oppurtunities.
Try 100 things. 2 will work out, but you will never know in advance which 2. This tiny ad might be one:
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