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Converting Java Application into Windows Service ?
I have embedded tomcat in my application and we use console to start/stop it.

Now we are moving forward and we want to run my applictaion as Windows service and I am wondering how can I convert my .class into Windows service.

"So question is that how can I convert .class file into windows service"

I googled and I found some applications which could do that but I am looking forward to write my own code. I would really appreciate your help.


As you say, there are any number of little applications that turn a Java program into a Windows service. Why do you want to reinvent the wheel?
Actually , we are big shop and do not want to spend thousands of dollars on licenses. Any how I found very easy way http://www.techeez.com/windows_tips/service_under_nt.htm and I am able to register any exe as service. Now I have .class file , what would be the most easiet way to convert .class into exe via bat file[or any efficent way]
Java Service Wrapper is open source, so no license fees are involved, and there are others like it.
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