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BarCode in Twain
Dear Sir,

I found these constants in TwainConstants.class file

ICAP_BARCODEDETECTIONENABLED Turns bar code detection on and off.

ICAP_BARCODEMAXRETRIES Restricts the number of times a search will be retried if none are found on each page.

ICAP_BARCODEMAXSEARCHPRIORITIES Determines how many bar code detection priorities can be set.

ICAP_BARCODESEARCHMODE Restricts bar code searching to certain orientations, or prioritizes one orientation over the other.

ICAP_BARCODESEARCHPRIORITIES A prioritized list of bar code types dictating the order in which bar codes will be sought.

ICAP_BARCODETIMEOUT Restricts the total time spent on searching for a bar code on each page.

Can this varialbles are useful for barcode seperation....

How can i write a code so that my scanner should do barcode detection and document seperation.... pls solve the problem


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