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Yahoo Mail is Rejecting My Mail Server
Hi everyone,

I believe I have a problem with my web hosting company's mail server.

When I test my website from my development box (my PC) using my ISP's outgoing mail server I am able to successfully send an e-mail into a user's inbox in Yahoo. However, when I then migrate that code to my hosting company's server and use their e-mail server the e-mails go into Yahoo's spam folder. As far as I can tell both implementations are the same except they differ in use of the mail server.

The other differenec is that my hosting service requires that I use authenticated outgoing mail.

Both have the same e-mail sender so I don't think it's a DNS spam filter. Also my web site is brand new and hasn't had a chance to do bad things yet.

My hosting company assures me they are able to send e-mails from that server to use's Yahoo inbox. So I'm at a loss.

Any thoughts?


You need to read Yahoo's email FAQ as there are things they require in order to accept emails from a domain.
From memory, they need the email server to announce itself in the headers and for the server to able to be resolved via a reverse lookup. Or something like that.
Hi Peter,
There are a few things you need to do in order to get Yahoo to 'whitelist' your mails:
1.) Contact Yahoo at the below url to request registering your mail server:

2.) Update your MX and TXT records with your domain registrar to point to the hosting provider's mail server.

3.) Check your email headers in Yahoo to see if they have the following entry:
X-YahooFilteredBulk: <your hosting provider's mail server IP>

Once you contact yahoo they might ask you for some information about your website like privacy policy and IP address. Hopefully they will remove you from their blacklist.
Point 2), that's what I was trying to remember. Thanks, Mark.

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