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Portal and portlet developement forum
Why dont we have a forum for Portlets and Portal, it is a happening topic nowadays and there are so many people developping ofr commercial and opensource protal.
Sure I would love to have a place where i can find portlet developement specific info and help.

Please advise administrators.

Moving to JavaRanch forum.
I also vote for same

Most of the Portal/Portlet question I have seen can be posted in Servlets or JSP forums. We really don't get that many questions on them. They were a little bit more so a while ago, but it has really slowed down.

Yes, people stopped posting questions because they stopped coming here. I know about it because I am a protlet developer annd I am a memeber of the yahoo portlet group, which is getting an average og 10 to 20 messages a day.
there are also forums of liferay portal,exo portal, and other opensource and commercial portal servers, but there is no central loacltion where people could find enough information and people to ask about the topic.

Build it and they will come??

Sorry, couldn't help myself.
Generally I believe that we've found that if a topic has enough interest to sustain its own forum, people don't just go elsewhere -- it gets discussed in the most appropriate forum until it becaomes clear that a new forum should be spawned.
Tell ya what,

I'll make the forum if someone will put a little effort telling portlet folks that we have created a home for them.
Here is what I can do if you open the forum:

For the next month, I will keep regularly posting to the portlet yahoo group, mentionning the creation of this forum, I will also post direct links so that the folks over there can come and post thier questions here.
I am also a regular of the liferay, jboss, and exo portals forums, so obviously I will keep mentionning it in thier foums,( which I have to admit are poor in support).
If you need any help moderating the forum, I can also help.

Sounds good enough to me!

Sheriffs? Anybody wanna have the honors to set this up?
I'll set it up and moderate it.

Portals and Portlets
Lots of jobs, projects, recruitments are going on portal/portlet technology now-a-days. Many of my team members ask me again and again what is the difference between portal and portlet. It surely is a focus for discussions and I guess easily that future SCWCD exams will require knowledge of thsi technology.

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