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Reading Word Doc
I am trying to read a word file using poifs. But i am unable to get the out put.
There is no error . but i am not getting the data.

But the byte array length is showing 113 ( as the size of doc)
and the Strring length is showing 113.
But when i print string it is not showing the daata.

The characters could (at least partly) be unprintable characters. If you're using DoumentInputStream to get ta byte[], then there is not much point in using POI, is there? You could just as well use the java.io package. The way to extract text from a DOC file using POI is documented here.
i am trying to get the data from word file using HWPFDocument
I searched in google for the jar file.But not.

can you provide me the link to download the jar:

org.apache.poi.hwpf.HWPFDocument class.
Is no one work with msword files

If any one please provide me the link for the jar file.
tell me any other way of reading msword files.
According to the HWPF Overview:

HWPF is still in early development. It is in the scratchpad section of the SVN. You will need to ensure you either have a recent SVN checkout, or a recent SVN nightly build (including the scratchpad jar!)

so there is no JAR to download. You have to get the source and build it.

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