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I copied MyBean.class file in c:\jws\classes folder of javawebserver2.0.And copeid Test.jsp file in public_html foldet of javawebserver2.0.
when i typed http://localhost:8080/Test.jsp iam getting following error.i will be thankfull if somebady help me.

Error during compilation :
C:\jws\tmpdir\default\pagecompile\jsp\_test.java:74: Class pagecompile.jsp.MyBean not found in type declaration.
MyBean first = null;
C:\jws\tmpdir\default\pagecompile\jsp\_test.java:77: Class pagecompile.jsp.MyBean not found in type declaration.
first= (MyBean)
C:\jws\tmpdir\default\pagecompile\jsp\_test.java:82: Class pagecompile.jsp.MyBean not found in type declaration.
first = (MyBean) Beans.instantiate(getClassLoader(), "MyBean");
3 errors
First of all. Can you read this http://www.javaranch.com/names.jsp and re-register with a name that complies with this rule.
Secondly, can you post the JSP code so we can see what's going on.
And third, unless you have a business directive not to use it.. you should REALLY use Tomcat, and not javawebserver.
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