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How can you tell if your browser is using a "POST" or "GET"? What do I have to call? TIA
most of the time your broweser is using the GET method.
when u see in the URL in the broweser code like this at the end: ?ubb=reply&f=50 etc u send the parametrs using the GET.
you can specify to send the paramaters using more secure mthods wih the POST method like in forms etc.
Programmatically, you can obtain the HTTP method via request.getMethod().
sorry, bad wording on my part... I meant how can I tell if a program is using GET or POST from the coding side of things... but thanks bear
doGet(..........) or doPost(..........) method on servlet
To send information on server side post method is used. Using Get we send limited informaiton to server side 240 characters approx. Get method is not secure because when we send information using Get our information is on address bar.e.g password etc.

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