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Should use req.setAttribute() or res.setAttribute() ?
If "MyJsp1.jsp" is redirected to "MyServlevt.java" by clicking "Action=...", and then in "MyServlevt.java" I want to pass an object from this servlet to another jsp page "MyJsp2.jsp" by using "forward(req, res)", then should I use "req.setAttribute()" or "res.setAttribute()" in "MyServlet.java" servlet to send the obj to "MyJsp2.jsp" ?
There are three ways..to pass object from servlet to JSP.
01) set in application level. - avaiable to whole application.(in this u can always set Database connection object or something else which your application is sharing)

02) set in session - for each client session will be different.
03) Set in request- request.setAttribute("",...)
Its all depend on your problem secnario..pls see which one fits in your problem.
Take care

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