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Auto-updating JSP page
I was wondering how to create a JSP that only refreshes portions of the page, without frames. Here is an example...
At nfl.com they have an area called Game Center. It allows you to watch a games stats (almost) live but the whole page doesn't refresh, just the portions that change like player stats and a graphical scoreboard. How do they do that?
There are no frames or applets. I've looked at the source and its a bunch of JavaScript.
Any ideas?
Hi Jason
This is what I will do.......
Suppose A.jsp is the main page and in there you want to call B.jsp.
<jsp:include page="B.jsp" />
This will force B.jsp to refresh every 5 seconds
Hope this helps
They do use a refresh header that updates the entire page every couple minutes BUT updates occur to the page on a play-by-play basis as well without updating the whole page.
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I was intrigued so I checked out the page. I found:

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