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how can i learn jsp
I am a java beginner and just passed scjp
so I want to study JSP,
what should i begin with?
is there any source code to get or a complete project?
You are going to need a JSP engine so you should download the Tomcat project from jakarta.apache.org - It comes with some JSP examples.
I suggest that you do not try to "learn JSP" you should learn "Servlets and JSP" - learn the servlet basics first.
Download the Servlet API and the JSP API from java.sun.com - in PDF format. These documents will answer a lot of questions (but they are not easy to read)
It would also be a good idea to review HTML thoroughly (if you are not from a web background already). I have run into outstanding programmers who for some reason never took the time to master HTML and their JSP/ASP applications suffer drastically in appearance and functionality.
Zac (Web Designer)
Some good books are Core Servlets and JSP, More Servlets and JSP and Professional JSP
Hope that helps
Zac is on the ball here. My JSP work is benefiting greatly from my HTML background.
Right on about needing to study HTML. There is this great little book:
"Hip Pocket Guide to HTML 4" ISBN 0-7645-3196-4
That I keep handy at all times for looking up HTML syntax questions. Published by IDG but they don't do a very good job of promoting it.
Yep learning jsp is easy!... perhaps too easy. In other words its a simple task to knock up pages with loads of embedded scripts (then you may as well be doing asp ) and little thought given to design. Learning how to build a web application using accepted design patterns (MVC/Model2) will take you more time (and no doubt frustration!) but will make you a better Java Web programmer.

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