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Error parsing TLD?!
Hi everyone:
I test my taglib file use JRun.I place the .tld and the .class in correct dir.But when I compile my jsp file testtag.jsp and JRun report the under error:
Error parsing TLD '/WEB-INF/taglib/mytag.tld': com.sun.xml.parser/P-082 http://java.sun.com/dtd/web-jsptaglibrary_1_2.dtd.
org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: com.sun.xml.parser/P-082 http://java.sun.com/dtd/web-jsptaglibrary_1_2.dtd
at com.sun.xml.parser.Parser.fatal(Parser.java:2817)
at com.sun.xml.parser.Parser.externalParameterEntity(Parser.java:2506)
at com.sun.xml.parser.Parser.maybeDoctypeDecl(Parser.java:1137)
at com.sun.xml.parser.Parser.parseInternal(Parser.java:481)
at com.sun.xml.parser.Parser.parse(Parser.java:284)
at com.sun.xml.parser.DocumentBuilderImpl.parse(DocumentBuilderImpl.java:95)
at javax.xml.parsers.DocumentBuilder.parse(DocumentBuilder.java:78)
at allaire.jrun.jsp.JRunTagLibraryInfo.<init>(../jsp/JRunTagLibraryInfo.java:198)
at allaire.jrun.jsp.JRunTagLibraryInfo.lookupTLI(../jsp/JRunTagLibraryInfo.java:109)
at allaire.jrun.jsp.JSPParser.taglibDirective(../jsp/JSPParser.java:842)
at allaire.jrun.jsp.JSPParser.directive(../jsp/JSPParser.java:973)
at allaire.jrun.jsp.JSPParser.parse(../jsp/JSPParser.java:921)
.. ...... ........ ... . ....... ........
It seems the .dtd problem.But I download the .dtd1.2 from sun for my JRun and the problem remain happen! I open it with xmlwriter.It report error when I run it.It says:
DTD can't have DTD declare in external DTDhandle source: 'file:///E:/JRun/lib/web-jsptaglibrary_1_2.dtd' a error happennineteen rangelocation: 12
<!NOTATION WEB-JSPTAGLIB.1_2 PUBLIC "-//Sun ....-------------^
What does it mean?Could anyone explanation for me? :roll:
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