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org.jaxen. UnresolvableException: $dom  RSS feed

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I get the following exception, and I am not able to figure out what's the possible reason.
javax.servlet.jsp.JspTagException: org.jaxen.UnresolvableException: $dom
Here is what I am doing... The backend creates a Document object and just returns a reference to Web Component. A JSP page retrieves the info from this Document object using JSTL (XPath). I store the reference to Document object returned by the backend in a variable 'dom', but I get the above exception. The following is the JSP code, I would really appreciate, if someone could shed some light on this, coz I am kinda lost.
<title>Design Prototype Demo</title>
<%@ page language="java" import="org.w3c.dom.*,"%>
<%@ taglib prefix="c" uri="/WEB-INF/c.tld" %>
<%@ taglib prefix="x" uri="/WEB-INF/x.tld" %>
Document dom = null;
dom = (Document) request.getAttribute("DOM");
System.out.println("dom: " + dom);
System.out.println("XML String: " + XMLUtil.getXML(dom));
<x:forEach var="trade" select="$dom//">
Date mySDate = new Date();
start xpath: <%= mySDate %>
<xut select="$trade/quantity/text()"/>
<xut select="$trade/entryDate/text()"/>
<xut select="$trade/SalTrdeNumber/text()"/>
<xut select="$trade/buySellIndicator/text()"/>
<xut select="$trade/grossComm/text()"/>
<xut select="$trade/SMID/text()"/>
<xut select="$trade/account/text()"/>
<xut select="$trade/tradeTypeClass/text()"/>
<xut select="$trade/MgtGrp/text()"/>
<xut select="$trade/ExecType/text()"/>
<xut select="$trade/marketBlotter/text()"/>
<xut select="$trade/IsrIncSrcCntryC/text()"/>
<xut select="$trade/SecType/text()"/>
<xut select="$trade/journalDate/text()"/>
<xut select="$trade/tradeSeqNo/text()"/>
<xut select="$trade/moveDate/text()"/>
<xut select="$trade/mktId/text()"/>
<xut select="$trade/tradeSource/text()"/>
<xut select="$trade/EVChrgAUsD/text()"/>
<xut select="$trade/retailFlag/text()"/>
<xut select="$trade/journalNum/text()"/>
<xut select="$trade/gpType/text()"/>
<xut select="$trade/comment1/text()"/>
<xut select="$trade/tradeOrigin/text()"/>
<xut select="$trade/gpNum/text()"/>
<xut select="$trade/branchFc/text()"/>
<xut select="$trade/netAmount/text()"/>
<xut select="$trade/settleDt/text()"/>
<xut select="$trade/EVA/text()"/>
<xut select="$trade/tradeStatus/text()"/>
<xut select="$trade/EVPrinAUsD/text()"/>
<xut select="$trade/mgrCode/text()"/>
<xut select="$trade/ForeignRate/text()"/>
<xut select="$trade/userAuditTrail/text()"/>
<xut select="$trade/tradeDate/text()"/>
<xut select="$trade/acctBranch/text()"/>
<xut select="$trade/RelID/text()"/>
<xut select="$trade/tradeArea/text()"/>
<xut select="$trade/SalesAnal/text()"/>
<xut select="$trade/originalFc/text()"/>
<xut select="$trade/ProcCode/text()"/>
<xut select="$trade/hardCodeRatioDate/text()"/>
<xut select="$trade/softdollarRatio/text()"/>
<xut select="$trade/salesCredit/text()"/>
<xut select="$trade/ForeignComm/text()"/>
<xut select="$trade/tradeCrtDate/text()"/>
<xut select="$trade/cancelInd/text()"/>
<xut select="$trade/commission/text()"/>
<xut select="$trade/cusipExt/text()"/>
<xut select="$trade/cusip/text()"/>
<xut select="$trade/productArea/text()"/>
<xut select="$trade/symbol/text()"/>
<xut select="$trade/statusInd/text()"/>
<xut select="$trade/currency/text()"/>
<xut select="$trade/price/text()"/>
It is sorta covered in the JavaRanch Style Guide.
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