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Is there any way to do check how many files the user have uploaded?
I am quite new to jsp and I want to ask for advice.
I have a form as below in multiUpload.html for users to upload files:
<form action="multi_action.jsp" enctype="MULTIPART/FORM-DATA" method="post">
Select file1 to upload <input type="file" name="filename1"><br>
Select file2 to upload <input type="file" name="filename2"><br>
Select file3 to upload <input type="file" name="filename3"><br>
Select file4 to upload <input type="file" name="filename4"><br>
Select file5 to upload <input type="file" name="filename5"><br>
<input type="submit" value="Upload"><br>
In the page multi_action.jsp, i use the following code but cannot check how many files the user have uploaded, no is null when print out.
String files;
int fileCnt = 1;
int no = 0;
While (fileCnt < 6) {
files = request.getParameter("filename" + fileCnt);
if (files!=null) {
out.println("no: " + no);
Is there any way to do check how many files the user have uploaded?
thx for advice.
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