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create a zip file from a jsp with user selected files.
I am fairly new to java.
I am trying to create a page where the user can check one or many checkboxes that are related to a specific file. The user can select (3 as an example) and click submit and a resulting zip file containing these selected files is created and presented for downloading. I have found a class that I think will handle the zipping but cant seem to call it properly from my jsp.
Here is the class I got from kickjava.com:

Here is my jsp that I am attempting to call the class from:

When I call the class as above I get a zip file with files from the "my documents" folder, I think.
I want to pass the ParameterValues from the preceding jsp but cant seem to make it work.
Thanks In advance!//I thought that by making String files[] = argv; it would work but nogo!
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Howdy g, welcome to the Ranch!
One tip I will give you is to be sure to enclose your code in the UBB code tags when posting. That will preserve the formatting of your code making it easier for other members to read it and to help you out.
Another is that just saying "it didn't work" isn't as informative as describing the nature of the failure. If you are getting a stack trace, that information is vital to solving your problem (again the UBB code tags are your friend to preserve the formatting of the trace).
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P.S. You can go back and edit your original post to replace the unformatted code with formatted code in the UBB code tags. You'll probably get more hits that way.
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