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And now a word from your friendly neighborhood bartender
There seems to have been an increasing incidence of not-all-that-helpful and even not-all-that-nice posts here in the JSP Room of the Big Moose Saloon. We've even had a visit from a sheriff to clean up some riff-raff (thanks Sheriff Gregg).
I'd like to remind all patrons of the Saloon that this is "a friendly place for Java greenhorns". So please think about your posts before hitting that submit button. If it's not helpful, it's not necessary.
With regards to misplaced posts, which seems to have triggered some of the jostling...
The JSP forum, for some reason, seems to get more than its share of posts that should have been made in another forum. Perhaps it's because it is near the top of the list. Perhaps it's because many greenhorns get "into" Java through JSP. Perhaps it's because greenhorns aren't aware enough of other forums to know that just because they want to do something in a JSP (File I/O, SQL, and so on) it's not necessarily a JSP question.
In any case, it is not necessary for patrons to point out that a post is in the wrong place. If you look through this forum, you will see that I'm pretty aggressive about moving non-JSP topics to their appropriate forum.
So I'm asking y'all, when you see a misplaced post, either:
a) Answer it if you've got a helpful response -- your answer will get moved along with the post when I shuffle it off to a better place
b) Ignore it until is gets moved
Please no "that's not a JSP question" posts. I'd also ask that you not point out that the post belongs elsewhere. While you may think that that would help your bartender out, it would probably just trigger the poster into cross-posting the question in the other forum which would just create more bartending work.
Above all, remember that the cardinal rule is "Be nice". We've got a great saloon going here -- let's make sure it stays that way.
OK, back to your drinks!
JSP Forum Bartender
[ February 10, 2004: Message edited by: Bear Bibeault ]
well said
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