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Can I write a method in a jsp page
I know that jspInit() and jspDestroy() methods can be written in a jsp file. My question is can I write some more methods in the same jsp file and if I can write those methods then how can I call them?

declaration is used like a scriptlet to embed code in a JSP, but code embedded by
a declaration appears outside of the _jspService() method. For this reason code
embedded in a declaration can be used to declare new methods and global class
variables, but caution should be taken because code in a declaration is not
thread-safe, unless made so by the writer of that code.
[ December 06, 2004: Message edited by: Babar Qadri ]
You can call that method or use that instance variable in your jsp page using scriplets. now the call would be inside your _jspService() method. But again that method or variable would not be thread-safe, as Babar mentioned in his post.


Thanks babar and adeeel. I got my answer. Thank you very much.

Mahesh Malviya
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