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OS and database for jsp

I heard that Linux is most often used for J2EE development. Is this true?

For JSP/Servlets would people more often use Linux with MySQL or Windows with SQLServer? Are there any statistics on this?


Peter Mount
You can use any available combination. People use windows because it is the most popular OS, especially asia, middle east, asia pacific. Industries go for reliablity, security, performance, etc therefore they prefer linux/unix over windows. Linux is mostly used in production environment. But it doesn't mean that we cant develop on linux. We have a quite nice java development environment on linux too. Moreover, MAC Tiger is very hot and optimized for Java Development. Power MAC G5 is my best bet.

I worked with ORACLE and DB2 and found them good. These two are the most common DBs for J2EE development. MySQL, Postgresql are open source and doing good in small industries.Enterprises prefer Oracle and DB2.
Despite what Microsoft would have you believe, there are other systems available, and some are much more friendly for Java development than Windows.

Linux is one popular choice, and as Adeel pointed out, Mac OS X is another (which is also my personal choice).

Never underestimate the power of the Unix command line.

For databases, Oracle is a powerhouse for large needs, but the free MySQL and PostgreSQL are also good and popular choices.

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