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Computer Science VS Software Engineering
I am doing VCE this year, and i have to decide the course that i will do by the end of this month, I prefer Melbourne Uni, in which i can only do computer science because its software engineering needs either physics or chemistry, but Monash's software engineering does not have this requirement, so what should i choose? Computer Science in Melbourn Uni or Software Engineering in Monash? BTW: What's the difference between them(especially the career option)?
What's "VCE" ?

Please let us know if you are considering on pursuing a B.S. degree or a M.S. degree...that's important in considering CS vs. SE
VCE means Victoria Certificate Education
I am doing year 12 now
I think Software Engineering is tougher than Computer Science, and has a better career option, but my situation is: i can only do SE in monash uni, or i can do CS in melbourne uni (melbourne uni is better than monash) because i am not doing either physics or chemistry this year.
so should i choose to do software engineering in a worse uni or computer science in a better uni?
If its anything lesser than a Master's level degree I'd suggest going for Computer Science. I am sure the curriculum has Math, Physics courses but that's good for you in the long run. At the BS level you should not try for depth (specializations) but should go for a wide level of knowledge.

Software Engineering is ultimately a specialization of Computer Science.

Let's leave the specializations for Master's and above level as they were designed.
Thank you very much,
i'll try my best to get a 90 ranking score to get to the Melbourne Uni
"to be or not to be?" - it will be determined by the end of November

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