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Radio Button Selection
I have one dyanamic form with multiple questions and answers, answers are of radio button types.

When user selects thje radio button in one question, the other questions radio button gets deselected. How can I put one radio button group for one question and other radio button for another set of question and so forth.

here is my code.


ansr = rs2.getString("ANSWR_CODE");


qstn = rs.getString("SRVY_QSTN");
desc = rs.getString("QSTN_DESC");


<td width="12">
<%= qstn%>.</td>

<td width="400">
<%= desc%> </td>
<td width="700" colspan="2">
ob = v1.get(i).toString();
<input name="radio" type="RADIO" value="<%=ob%>">

Basically, each group of radio buttons needs to have a different name. Maybe you could use the question id as the radio button name?
Moved to the HTML forum as this really isn't to do with JSP.
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