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hi everybody

We all know that every jsp file is converted into a servlet when exection,
and we have some tags in jsp like Scriplet and Declarative tags.
We can declare variable in these both tags.

If we declare some variables in Scriplets tags then where those variables are located in the corresponding Servlet file for that jsp.

And if If we declare some variables in Declarative tage then where those variables are located in the corresponding Servlet file for that jsp.

int i = 10;
int i = 10;
If you use Tomcat, you can learn how JSP pages get translated to servlets by examining the source code of the servlets. It's kept in a directory called "work" inside of the main Tomcat directory. Other servers likely also store the source somewhere where you can look at it.
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Hi thr

Well as u hav written that in a jsp file v hav scriplet and declarative sections, yes they are the part and parcel of any jsp code. And let me explain
where in the corresponding servlet they are going to be placed...

Declarative :- They become the member variable of the servlet class, so let us say if u hav only one object but maultiple threads accessing the servlet then all the threads are going to share these variables which are declared in the declarative section, not only variables u can also hav the function definition over there.

Scriplets:- They become the part of the service method, so for the same scenario as explained earlier they are going to hold different values for different threads. So v normally use scriplets to hold the processing of the

That's the magic of Java my dear friend...Cheers...! Enjoy Java
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