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I would like to learn JSP
Hi guys! I am new in java but not in programming.. ive been coding for c - c# for sometime now.. but now.. i would like to shift to using java.. specially doing jsp.. web services.. for now.. I would like to focus on learning from the basics to advance.. any of you guys would like to recommend what are the steps i need to learn JSP. I already know all about html.. some scripting... just need a head start for java programming.. targetting is enterprise solutions.
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Getting a good handle on Java before diving into JSP would be a good start.

You can also visit the JavaRanch Bunkhouse for book recommendations.

When you do decide to dive into JSP, make sure whatever reference you use addresses modern JSP (JSP 2.0). Most texts are pretty antiquated.

And don't be suckered into adopting a big framework until you understand the basics.
Hi! Thanks for the resources.. I'll find one or a couple that will suit my goal. I am planning to learn it basics for 1 month and doing enterprise for a month or so.. Hope I can do that in a so little time. I'll be here JavaRanch.
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