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unable to forward using jsp : forward

in my application i have got 2 .jsp file (view.jsp and view1.jsp)

Code in my view.jsp ()

Code of my view1.jsp

but when i run view.jsp it gives me following error 404

error is 404 for view1.jsp but in my browser its still shows the following url


which should be

can anybody help me out ???

how jsp:forward works ???
[ March 13, 2007: Message edited by: Bear Bibeault ]
1. Change <jsp:forward page="/Jigar/jsp/view1.jsp" > to <jsp:forward page="/jsp/view1.jsp" >

2. The browser will still display http://localhost:8080/Jigar/jsp/view.jsp
Forward is transparent to the browser. Server handles forwarding the request to view1.jsp and hence the URL will not change.

Please read through JSP section in J2EE tutorial from Sun. It would provide details on how forward works.
The URL can be absolute or relative to the current JSP file. If it is absolute (beginning with a /), the path is resolved by your Web or application server. Reference..

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