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welcome-file tag in DD
Hi All,

I referred dtd of web.xml, it tells <welcome-file-list> can occur zero or one time.i am putting <welcome-file-list> tag more than once, it is not throwing error. I am using tomcat 5.0. Can anybody suggest regarding this...

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Which version are you using ? Version 2.4 states that there's only one welcome-file-list, which can contain multiple welcome-file. I've never heard of multiple welcome-file-list.

Originally posted by bnkiran kumar:
it is not throwing error. I am using tomcat 5.0.

It's probably ignoring one or the other.
Why are you doing this?
Just i was checking,


In url i didnot mention file name, the folder has Page2.jsp not Page1.jsp, so Page2.jsp is getting displayed. I am confused with this behaviour...
When you don't follow the spec you'll either get errors or you'll get unpredictable behavior.

The correct way to enter a welcome file hierarchy is to create one welcome-file entry with multiple welcome-page nodes.

I'm sure if you validated your web.xml file against its schema, this would be caught.

Again, I don't see the point in experimenting with things like this.
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