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Creating an object
Hello folks!

Can anyone tell me the difference between creating objects like

Test7 t1=(Test7)Class.forName("Test7").newInstance();
Test7 t2=(Test7)Class.forName("Test7").newInstance();


Test7 t1 = new Test7();
Test7 t2 = new Test7();

When and where shall should i use them?

Thank you.

Hi Zoram,

I do not think this question is anyway related to JSP.Please choose forum properly before posting.

Coming to the question , the first one uses reflection to create objects.

Its useful in certain conditions where at runtime you need to decide which object to create according to some parameters.In that case you can make well use of reflection to create object of desired type.
Thank you Rahul,

My doubts are quiet cleared now.
Did you mean dynamic creation of objects?.

Originally posted by Zoram Paul:
Did you mean dynamic creation of objects?.

The parameter to forName can be decided at runtime for creation of different object.
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