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About Servlet get attribute
JSP use JSTL <sql> generate result, then call Servlet to process generate Excel file.

But I got Null in Servlet...
I don't know how to setAttribute then Servlet can use the result.



JSTL's Sql tags are not really meant to be mixed with real back end code this way. They were designed for trivial apps like prototypes or small utilities.

You'd be better off moving your database access code to plain old Java objects that can be instanciated from your servlets in the first place.

From the JSTL Spec (prelude to chapter 10):

Many web applications need to access relational databases as the source of dynamic
data for their presentation layer. While it is generally preferred to have database
operations handled within the business logic of a web application designed with an
MVC architecture, there are situations where page authors require this capability
within their JSP pages (e.g. prototyping/testing, small scale/simple applications,
lack of developer resources).

The JSTL SQL actions provide the basic capabilities to easily interact with relational

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