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problem in search using dropdowns with same vales
I have two dropdowns in my search page one at up and one at down
and both have the values of states.
When I select the value from dropdown at top of page it gives the result and updates the down dropdown by states what i have selected.
This is what I want.
But Now when I select any location from down dropdown it shows the result from what i have selected in down dropdown but dosent update the up one.
Now if I again goes to up dropdown selection it display the old values and dosent update any of those.
I have named my dropdown as


and in my java class
i take it as

and with "location " variable i am doing the search.
Please help me how to handle 2 dropdowns with the same valles for the search.
When you go back to the page make sure that you set the submitted option as selected in both dropdowns.
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