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JSP - Selfsubmiting help
I am having a basic question, but not able to figure it out how. Appreciate your help greatly.

I ahev a JSP page with several bunch of fields and I also have a dropdown box and let call this as "Codes". When this jsp page first oaded user will enter few firlds. Based on that data I need to get the "Codes" dropdown box data from the server by submitingthe page. My questions is, When Submit the page how do I keep the data in the controls with out loosing the data when it reloads the JSP Page ? Is there any specific thing I need to do ? Also When the pAge first Loads I need to execute some branch of server side code and When it reloads (When the User clicks "ErrorCode" dropdown) then it should execute different set of servser side code ? How Can I do this ?

I geatly appreciate your help.

You can use the value attributes of the elements to set their initial values to whatever they were when the page was submitted.

Or, you can avoid the whole problem by employing Ajax to do the submission behind the scenes.
Thanks for the reply. Can you please help me little more about it on how I should use VALUE attributes ?

Do you mean

<input type="text" value = ??? -> This attribute you are talking about ?

thanks very much for your reply.

Yes. You have the data that was submitted, so it's just a matter of putting it back into the value attributes.

For example:
Thanks very much it is working.

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