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What is the role of JMS in Enterprise java bean development?
Can anybody clearify it please.
normally we are acquainted with the client-server technology wherein the client makes a request and the server processes the request immediately. This is subject to the server resources and can bring the server down.
From what i have read JMS is a technology wherein the client puts his request in the queue and the server processes the request based on the resources and then sends the results back. This may not be necessaryly immediately.
this is similar to what we do in e-mail wherein i send a mail to a friend and the mail queue's up. now my friend reads the mail based on his leasure and sends a reply. this again queue's up in my mailbox and the process continues.
the sun site says this about JMS
"The JMS API adds to this a common API and provider framework that enables the development of portable, message based applications in the Java programming language.
The JMS API improves programmer productivity by defining a common set of messaging concepts and programming strategies that will be supported by all JMS technology-compliant messaging systems."
I hope this has helped.

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I would like to add something to Rahul's post.
EJB 2.0 is JMS enabled. There is going to be a EJB called MessageDrivenBean which gets called automatically when there is a message. I think we can also use JMS APIs in EJB(2) programming.

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