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some very basic questions
I am new to EJB , I have some very basic questions about EJBs .
I read that the bean interacts with the container through one of three mechanisms Callback methods , EJBContext interface or JNDI.
My questions are
What are the call back methods, are these the methods in Session and Entity beans interface like setSessionContext(),ejbRemove(),ejbActivate() etc??
How EJBcontext interface can work for a bean to interact with the container?
How JNDI can make a bean intercat with the container???
I will be really Thankfull if some one can explain in detail ~
Thanks in advance
If someone can please expalin in detail.
Thanks in advance
If some can please help?
1)what is ejb?
2)what is the advantage of ejb?
3)what r the type of bean?
4)what is the differrent bet session bean and entity bean
5)what r the type of session bean?
6)what is the client view of bean?
7)what is the diff between java bean and ejb?
8)what is the use of Jndi and Jts?
9)is it possible to client can directly acccess the bean?
Try checking out:
there is a decent intro tutorial there.

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