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Time to decide J2EE/J2ME

This is job chategorization of Java

I feel its time for me to decide J2EE or J2ME (because J2SE is fundamental and that is required in both J2EE as well as J2ME)...

Which technology (out of J2EE and J2ME) is best in terms of future growth, money, enjoyment, abroad chances etc...

Presently I am comfortable in J2SE and just at the first step of J2EE (just started)...

Please do comments...

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Both. Sorry for that.

You could probably learn J2ME faster, but in terms of career there isn't much growth. you know one technology and aren't able to get any other type jobs.

With J2EE, there are Web, Business Services, and learn more architect type work as you go along. I think it also allows you to use J2ME in part of the architecture without being pigeon-holed as a J2ME only person.

J2ME is only slowly starting to pick up a little in the job market. But there are still few jobs out there. About a year ago, I would say you couldn't find any. Now there are about 3 to 4 positions in an area.

You can do a quick search on any job site and its not surprising to see that there are more number of J2EE related jobs than J2ME.

So thumbs up to J2EE
ofcourse J2EE!
Thanks a lot to all.
Actually this question came into my mind because I feel, my interest is in Game developement than Enterprise application.

Thanks once again.
J2ME Games are pretty hot, and they seem to be making money.


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