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I want to connect to a DB2 OS/390 V6 database through DB2Connect V8. I get a connection, but in the ControlCenter I cannot see the tables. In the CommandCenter I can get the tables via a "Select-Statements". Also I can`t get the Tables in WSAD 5.0. So is there a problem with DB2 OS/390 V6 and DB2 Connect V8? Or do I make a mistake. I have the rights and the connection, but I can`t see the tables.
In WSAD I create a Data Connection, there I get the Connection with the COM.ibm.jdbc.app.DB2Driver
but I can`t see tables, views, etc. only the db.
Can anyone help me??
hey man did u ever find out why u couldnt view the tables?
I am in a similar situation.

What is the probability of ur reply?
I guess .0001%
Welcome to JavaRanch! As the original post was two years ago, I agree you are unlikely to get an answer from the original poster. However, the rest of us can help. Post some more details about the problem you are having.

You may want to consider using "you" instead of "u." This makes it easier for people with English as a second language or using assistive technologies. More details are available on the reason behing this.

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