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Select statement error
Hi all,
am trying to select information from a few tables, and because some of the tables have overlapping fieldnames e.g. name etc, I am trying to reference them in my sql statment like this...
sqlString = "select myTable1.name, myTable2.name from myTable1, myTable2 where .... and so on and so on
this unfortunately does not work and I am told that 'column not found'
My question is can fields be referenced by their table name?
If not, how can specific tables be referenced in a similar way if they have different schemas?
By the way my connection is with the JDBC DBC bridge.... could the bridge be my problem.

Thanks in advance
I don't see anything wrong with your partial SQL statement. Make sure your column is really "name" and not "Name" or "NAME". Column names are case sensitive. Also, try quering a sinle table and see if you get the same error message. If all this failes, show us your complete SQL statement followed by the complete error message. Sometimes those error messages aren't for the reasons you think.
Which databases have case-sensitive column names? Neither Oracle nor MySQL do...

Originally posted by Ron Newman:
Which databases have case-sensitive column names? Neither Oracle nor MySQL do...

MS SQL does.
You left out the table names. It should be:
You don't have to rename the tables in a SELECT statement.
Jeanne , I did include my tables after the 'from'...
I tried the select from a single statement like,
select table1.column1 from table1 where column2 = 'somevalue'

and got the same error, but the following works
select column1 from table1 where column2 = 'somevalue'

U have to have consistent aliasing of the column names.
In you where clause u should prefix the column with the 'tablename.'
in the last instance where u had success, there were no aliases used, and by default all the columns were 'bound' to the table in the FROM part of the sql statement.
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