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A big JavaRanch welcome...
A big JavaRanch welcome to our visiting authors, Maydene Fisher and Jonathan Bruce. They have written a fantastic book on JDBC, JDBC API Tutorial and Reference, Third Edition. We will be giving away a copy of this book to four lucky winners who participate in this forum this week.
Our reviewers gave it 9 horseshoes and wrote:
Reviewer #1: Novice and beginner JDBC users will get the most from the first section, which contains all of the introduction and tutorial data. The second section is a comprehensive reference that will be of enormous use to all JDBC users regardless of their skill level. The strength of the second section lies in the fact that it contains the sort of detail you wished was always available in Javadocs.
Reviewer #2: This is probably the only JDBC book you will ever need. No matter which version of JDBC your database drivers support, you will find your answers in this book. he book is well written with clear explanations and plenty of code samples. Anyone working with JDBC will want this book by their side while they are coding.
Very impressive!
So give a big JavaRanch howdy to Maydene and Bruce and then open a new thread with your questions!
Hi Maydene Fisher and Jonathan Bruce!
Welcome Maydene Fisher and Jonathan Bruce!!!

Our reviewers gave it 9 horseshoes

Welcome, and congratulations for a truly excellent book and 18 well deserved horseshoes
- Peter
Where are the authors?
I am going to
Welcome to JDBC forum... Maydene Fisher, Jon Ellis and Jonathan Bruce!!!
Hearty Welcome!
Could we get a sample chapter and Content page of this book.

Originally posted by binu kavumkal:
Hearty Welcome!
Could we get a sample chapter and Content page of this book.

You might want to view the following thread, which is about the content of the book...
I saw a glimpse of Maydene Fisher around the corner.
Yes Gregg
I saw him answering in another thread in this Forum
Welcome to Maydene Fisher and Jonathan Bruce.All the Best.
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