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Stored proc on DB2 error 42703
Hi all,
We're trying to run a Stored procedure for the first time in java & get the following error message:
Caught SQLException during lookup printing
getMessage[IBM][CLI Driver][DB2] SQL0206N "PKGNAME " is not valid in the context where it is used. SQLSTATE=42703
We're connecting to DB2 (version 7, I think), via DB2Connect the run time client, from WSAD 5.1.0.
Does anyone have any ideas how to fix it?
Many thanks,
Forgot to say... The procedure runs fine from a COBOL program - its just a problem accessing it through java.
Did you ever figure out a solution for this? I'm having a very similar problem on the same version of DB2 (scary huh? 3 years later...)

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