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Table backup - programmatically using JDBC
My application requires that I take a backup of a table onto a file on the hard disk programmatically before I actually delete all the rows in the table.
Currently we take the backup manually using Toad for Oracle before running the application, but I was wondering if there is any standard API that does it for me in JDBC? :roll:
I know I can write code to open a JDBC Connection, run an SQL stmt, "select * from mytable", iterate thru the ResultSet and write to a file.
But is there a better or a simpler approach?.....
Can I serialize a ResultSet?
You could run TOAD at the command line. A script could kick off TOAD and then your java program. Or your java program could call TOAD before deleting.
Thanks Jeane,
But the idea is, not to use any tools like Toad or SQL export utility.
It would be easy for us, if we can call directly from our java aplication.
The production env support machine is likely to have only JDK and JDBC
driver installed on it.
In that case, you are going to have to write the code. You can use metadata to write in once for any table though.
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