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Accessing multiple resultsets
Hi All;

Here's some wierd problem I'm facing while handeling multiple resultsets from stored procedure.

I've a stored procedure that returns multiple cursors. And I access them
in my code. After accessing the first resultset when I want to access next
one. As usual I code it like


But I get ResultsetObj as null...and I know that stored produre returns valid data for 2nd cursor...as I have confirmed it by running the procedure in stored procedure builder.
I'm using IBM DB2 7.0

I'll be very glad, If anybody can give me the clarification.
A couple of questions and suggestions:

What happens if you swap the cursors round in your SP? Does the first ResultSet then contain the right results?

I've experienced problems in the past with Sybase drivers whereby if you make any changes to the statement's parameters after having executed it (or even access output parameters, I think) then the statement loses (or resets) its ResultSet. Could that be your problem?

Is there a logical difference between an empty ResultSet and a null one, i.e. if your query returns zero rows, is ResultSet null or just created empty? Obviously I realise there's a physical (Java) difference.

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