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please help me out!
dear folks here, I am student from singapore. currently I am doing a software design project. one of the crucial parts is to identify the post address that the user keyed in. a simple example, user keys in "city hall xx club" then my java program should be able to varify whether such a place exists.

in order to achieve that, I got to build a database covers certain part of singapore landscape with post address form. however, I am not very clear how to build a such kind of database to store large amount and correlated post address.

second, any efficient search alorithm to make the search pocess smooth and fast. problem like "what if user keyed in a wrong character, how can I figure out the correct or highly possible post address?"

thanks a lot

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i think it requires some knowledge based programming. you should go for "natural language processing". can't help you in this.

may be some of our folk comes up with something.

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