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call to procedure stops java application till procedure gets executed.

I have a requirement to execute a procedure from a java application.
This procedure would take 20-30 minutes to execute. My application will stops till my procedure gets executed.

I don't my application to wait for my procedure to cpomplete its execution.

Is there any way/logic using which I can make this happen.
I don't want to use threads for the above mentioned.
You could make it asynchronous via JMS. That is if your business needs can handle it. That being said, unless your procudure is doing admin-type tasks (archiving a bunch of data, report building etc. ) then I reckon it might be doing more then it should - since 20-30 mins. is an awful long time for a procedure to run.
You can also do an Observer/Observable model with your stored proc call in a separate thread which is an observable and the main app as an observer. When the proc is complete, you can use "notify" to tell the Observer that the thread is done.
Oops didn't see the "I don't want to use threads" part.
Moving to EJB and Other J2EE Technologies since this is not specific to JDBC
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