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JDBC basics

rajaraman navaneethan
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dear friends,
i am new to JDBC,just trying out with my steps in JDBC.can any one of u explain me how the following lines work?

Connection con=DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc dbc sn");
Statement st=con.createStatement();
Resultset rs=st.executeQuery("select * from table");

i want to know about the interfaces,classes and where the methods of these interfaces are implemented.awaiting ur reply,
Nabendu Bhuiya
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Hi Raja ,

Driver is an interface defined in java.sql package. Implementation will be provided by the respective vendors of the database.

Implementation of Driver will include how to communicate/connect with the database, how to pass data to and from database to java program and vise-versa etc.,

If you are using DriverManager to manage your connection objects, you need to load the Driver in to the memory. That�s why you execute the statement Class.forName(�Driver Name�);When you load any driver, it will register itself with the DriverManager.

DriverManager is a class in which getConnection is a static method which helps to achieve connectivity with corresponding database mentioned within it.

Connection , an interface in java.sql, provides methods for 3 type of SQL queries -
1. creatStatement - for simple query- return type is Statement interface
2.prepareStatement -for prepared query - retrun type is PreparedStatement Interface
3. prepareCall - for stored procedure and function - return type is CallableStatement

Statement , an Interface in java.sql , provides 3 types of methods again -1. executeQuery - return type ResultSet - for database query (select statements)
2. executeUpdate - return type int(no. of rows updated) - for insert ,update , delete operation of databese
3. execute - return type is boolean - true if ResultSet is returned and false if no. of Updated rows is returned - used for all type of database operation .

ResultSet ,an Interface in java.sql. , provides few methods like getMetaData() .

Please let me know whether your doubts are clear or not .
Ilja Preuss
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Moving to our JDBC forum...
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