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What embeded database is available in market ?
Thank you for reading my post ,
I have to build an application for managing ADs
something like phpAdnew which is a php+mysql application
The problem is that server just support sql server and Mysql ,
so i have to choose between them or use an embeded database
I did some investigation about Derby but now i want to see what other alternatives I have ?
Daffodil DB , CloudScape , ..
what other choice i have whether in commerical or Opensource?
It should be able to handle about 20 TransAction (each may have 2update + 2 insert)per second.
what other pure java database is avaialable in market ? embeded or NEtwork server.
Thank you.
Thanks for reply.
certainly it can works in embeded model .
do you have experience with it ?does it handle 20-30 TA / second ?

thank you
That is also answered in the JavaRanch Wiki.
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