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JDBC Drivers
For Type1 & Type 2 drivers we say that we need to install libraries on Client side and even we say that the request processing takes on to the client side. How this happens? How can I explore my concept of my drivers? Why do all the processing takes place on to the client side wherein we say that in case of type 3 & type 4 drivers all the processings takes place on server side. How this happens actually
Type 1 is a JDBC ODBC driver
as a result it needs the ODBC code ( native = binary ) on the client

here client = machine that hosts the database connectivity

Type 2 drivers are part java part native code

so both these drivers have os compatibility issues

Infact type 1 would only run on Microsoft OS

Type 2 drivers would face portability issues

Regarding type 3 driver - havent come across a scenario where I would use one

type 4 is a pure java driver - gives good performance - no portability issues

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Originally posted by anagha patankar:

Infact type 1 would only run on Microsoft OS

In fact, there are also ODBC drivers for the Macintosh.
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