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import javax.sql.DataSource not found
I'm setting up my project in WSAD 5.1 in a J2EE app. For whatever reason I'm not getting the line

import javax.sql.DataSource;

to find the DataSource. What jar might I be missing or what setting might I have to tweak.

Ahh.. Found it under the j2ee.jar in the standard libraries.

Specifically under the system var WAS_EE_V51 in the lib directory in the j2e3.jar


The WAS_EE_V51 variable is mapped to
C:/Program Files/IBM/WebSphere Studio v5.1.1/runtimes/ee_v51

So for those of you who have the same issue with WSAD 5.1 you can look there to find many of the system jars that you may not be accessing.

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