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Developer point of difference for Head First SQL?
For a programmer how is this book different from other SQL books ?

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looks like a decent book and if it's going along the same lines of the other Head-First guides it should be pretty easy to take onboard the info. I found all the other ones, especially the JAVA guide, very well written and enjoyed the puzzles that forced you to really learn the material, big help.

How hard was it to put toghether all the sections? and choose the right questions to ask?

Did the guys & girls at the Head First labs help out and point you in the right direction?, i'd imagine there's something of strong team spirit when a new one for the stable gets released.


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Head First books are VERY collaborative. The same people who were involved with the other HF books worked very closely with me to make sure this one was up to the HF standard. And I think it is.
Thanks John and Lynn for your feedback. I have already bought a copy. Skimmed through it and found it appealing. Very good for people who have no exposure to SQL.
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