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Container separation.
I'm developing an application in Weblogic that has a web app and some EJBs. My technical leader suggested me to separate the Web Container and the EJB Container, using Tomcat as the Web Container and Weblogic as the EJB Container.
Does this separation have performance problems?
The short answer is that it depends...
If your web and EJB tiers are expected to process significantly different loads (and have different scalability properties), then separating the containers can make sense. However, if this isn't the case, you need to ask what this will bring you.
First of all, using a Tomcat front-end to a WebLogic EJB container will make deployment much more difficult since you will have to deploy the WebLogic JNDI classes and EJB stubs into Tomcat. With a WebLogic server, you can utilise the EAR format. From a performance perspective, you are forcing remote communication between the architectural tiers through this deployment scenario.
These are a couple of the side-effects, but is there a specific reason behind the plan to separate the containers?
No, there isn't a good reason for that. My boss only wants to separate the containers, and I'm trying to show him the problems that it's going to bring.
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