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Error Starting the j2ee server that came along with the j2sdkee 1.3.1
I am new to J2ee and would like to get help on the following problem
I have downloaded J2SDKEE 1.3.1 and installed it along with J2SE 1.4.1. But whenever I try to start the j2ee server with the command "j2ee -verbose" I get the error " Out of memory " in the MSDOW window. Could somebody help me to overcome this.
Thanking you in advance
Please look at the following posts:
That should get you started.
Happy New Year!
Robert Troshynski
Hate to be obnoxious, but Linux is a MUCH better environment for running JBoss than Windows. None of the old 16 Bit memory limitations...
it is hard to get the j2ee stuff running on win9x (especially if you installed it to a directory containing spaces eg. 'program files') but everithing runs smooth and almost out of the box on win2k / winXP.
if you run it on win9x: install the software to a directory without spaces (eg. 'c:\apps').
Thanks a lot Robert Troshynski, you saved a lot of time of mine.
You're welcome.
Robert Troshynski

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