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what is a middleware?
what is a middle ware?. any idea from anyone.
cordially urs,
Middleware is the middle-man that sits between two or more hulking systems which are used to being the center of attention. The middleware takes data from one system, and gives it to the other system in a way it likes.
This middle ware can be message oriented middle ware and also a object broker
In the MOM JMS will com in to picture
thanks fren.
i have also colelcted a few infos regarding middleware.
middleware are the reusable components that are sold by vendors to different companies and these companies purchase the middleware and
load it in their application server.
what is a componet would be the next possible question?
a pricing tool for example which calculates the cost of items based on the input info would be an ideal ex of reusable componet , becuse the same componet is being used by different concerns in
different companies, so the cost would be enormous. this could be avoided by writing the pricing component which could be used well across differnt applications like calculating teh cost of groceruis, the airline ticketsm, the railway reservations etc.
such a reusable componet is sold as middleware by differnt vendors and tehse middlewares are bought by differnt companies and loaded in application swervers.
Cordially urs,
We usually associate middleware with connectivity. IBM's MQ Series carries messages from one machine to another, other products connect to databases where there is no native driver, or to mainframe CICS or telephony systems or what have you.
If you layer architectures from the application specific down to the most generic, middleware is, um, in the middle. Definitely below the business-specific layer, so that a given middleware product could be used in any busines domain.

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