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Unable to compile home interface file
Hi I am trying to code an EJB example. However, it is not compiling the home interface . It gives no promblem for remote interface and bean class.
The code for remote interface is

The code for home interface is as follows

While compiling home interface it gives the error as :-
C:\Test\EJB>javac -classpath "C:\j2sdkee1.3.1\lib\j2ee.jar" DemoHome.java
DemoHome.java:11: cannot resolve symbol
symbol : class Demo
location: interface ejb.demo.DemoHome
Demo create() throws RemoteException , CreateException;
1 error
Can someone please help.
The compiler doesn't see your compiled Demo.class in the classpath. Currently the command-line you posted includes only the J2EE libs and not, for example, the current directory...
It worked ...
Thanks a lot...

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