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SAP JCo Server within JBoss how?
what is the best way to get a SAP JCo Server working
within a J2EE Servers (JBoss preferred)?
I have JRA running to send RFC to SAP R/3.Works fine.
I have a JCo Server running in a separate J2EE Client
in a kind of delegate pattern. (But that solution is no good.)
If an RFC (request) comes from R/3 to my JCo server I have to look through all sessions (witch have a R/3 user property)
and find the right user from RFC. Than I hand over the information to that
session bean.
So the problems are:
1. What kind of container to use for the JCo server.
2. How to look through all session beans most efficient.
Thanks in advance,
I used a MBean. Why did no one help me?
Thanks anyway,

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